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Classes are held Monday–Saturday and are available for ages four and up. Children and adults alike will learn techniques that will give exercise and teach self-defense, as well as enable you to compete in tournaments. Set your goal of Black Belt and then earn your belt ranks with self-discipline and persistence. You will learn flexibility, get in shape, and feel great about your accomplishments.

Basic Level Training Course

Classes are divided by age and skill level.

Basic programs include: 

  • The Little Dragons program for kids from 4 to 6 years old.
  • The Jr. Adult program is for 7 to 12 years old.
  • The Adult program is for 12 years old and up.


Classes are also broken up by belt rank to ensure individual attention in every class. 

  • Beginner classes are designed for White thru Green Belts.
  • Intermediate classes for Blue thru Brown Belts.
  • Advanced classes for Red thru Red/Black.


See our studio schedules for available times.

Black Belt Training Course

All basic training curriculum plus traditional weapons, sparring skills and board breaking skills training. New student registration includes red pants, logo t-shirt, BBT belts, achievement patches/certificates, manual, BBT patch, and first weapon.


Karate Lessons

Fitness through Karate for children, youth and adults at any level. Or go full speed with our Mixed Martial Arts program.

After School

We pick up your kids from school and provide a safe, fun environment they will look forward to.

Birthday Parties

A Karate Party is a fun and different way to celebrate a birthday.

Summer Camps

Keep you kids occupied with fun, safe, and energetic activities when school’s out.

Krav Maga

Learn real self-defense, regardless of your size, ability, age, or gender.


Gymnastics & Acro too!

Call 850.983.1410 or visit flippinoutgym.com for more information. Milton location only.

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