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After School Karate

We are a true Martial Arts School, not a daycare, and as such we are not in the supervision and care business but rather, the talent and skill business. We pick up from most Elementary and  Middle Schools and work with kids 5 - 12.

We are in the talent and skills business

This is a week-to-week program provided as a constructive alternative to daycare, extended day at school and babysitting or latch-key.  There is no extra charge for in-service days when the children are out of school all day. on those days, you may drop off as early as 6:30am (depending on location) and pick up as late as 6:00pm. Pack a lunch on those days and we will have two classes with one in the morning at 10am and 4pm. 
We are in the talent and skill business not the supervision and care business. The only reason to use our program is to learn the Martial Arts and its tenants that we teach: Exercise, Discipline, Respect, Manners, Self Defense and Self Esteem through earning Belt Ranks found nowhere else. This stuff really does carry over into their school work and home.







Karate Lessons

Fitness through Karate for children, youth and adults at any level. Or go full speed with our Mixed Martial Arts program.

After School

We pick up your kids from school and provide a safe, fun environment they will look forward to.

Birthday Parties

A Karate Party is a fun and different way to celebrate a birthday.

Summer Camps

Keep you kids occupied with fun, safe, and energetic activities when school’s out.

Krav Maga

Learn real self-defense, regardless of your size, ability, age, or gender.


Gymnastics & Acro too!

Call 850.983.1410 or visit flippinoutgym.com for more information. Milton location only.

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